Why Consistency is a Game Changer for Pallet Wrapping

Few would argue the importance of consistency when running a business, for without it a business can waste a lot of time, money and resources when the repeatability of its processes is undermined.

In reality however when it comes to end-of-line packaging processes many businesses struggle to maintain consistency and experience variability that ends up costing more in film, labour, machine down time, safety incidents and load containment.

Thankfully with advancements in technology, today’s modern pallet wrappers now offer much more control over end-of-line packaging processes giving businesses greater confidence in outputs and cost controls.

Old versus new pallet wrapper technology

At Vorteck one of the unique factors about our automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrappers is the depth of planning and design that has gone into our machines.

We have taken our 50 years’ experience in end-of-line packaging and manufactured our pallet wrapping machinery specifically in response to the market’s needs, with a specific focus on controls.

If you own a pallet wrapper, you will be familiar with the machine’s potentiometers, which resemble a radio dial which is used to turn volume up or down.

On pallet wrappers, potentiometers are used to control the speed of the turntable, the movement of the carriage and possibly the speed of the rollers in the pre-stretch unit.

Potentiometers represent old technology and expose the pallet wrapping process to a wide degree of variability.

Instead, Vorteck’s automated pallet wrappers have replaced potentiometers with state-of-the-art technology that achieves optimum consistency regardless of who is operating the machinery or the operating conditions.

How Vorteck’s pallet wrapping technology works

Vorteck’s state-of-the-art technology automates the pallet wrapping process which means there are no dials or knobs to twist to control the machine’s functions.

Instead Vorteck machines feature a human-machine interface (HMI) which is used by engineers to pre-set the wrapping process according to the desired speed and other criteria.

When the parameters have been set, the information is sent from the HMI to the PLC components at the back of the machine. From here, the data is transferred to the pallet wrapper’s inverters which control the speed and other functions of the machine.

Automated processes that deliver consistency

There is nothing more frustrating than setting up a machine to deliver an economical wrap than to return the next day to find the wrapping program has been changed.

The whole point of having a pallet wrapper is to have more control of your processes. You want to know your pallet is wrapped the same way each time, that it is not under or over wrapped, and that the integrity of each load is optimised for shipping.

Vorteck’s HMI technology not only simplifies the process for machine operators who are no longer required to physically operate the machine, but is password protected to ensure programs cannot be changed without permission.

Through seamless automation, HMI simplifies operations while optimising consistency, speed and economy across the complete pallet wrapping process.

This means you can stand over your processes and know exactly what is going out the door, each and every time.

Expert advice about automated pallet wrapper technology

If your business struggles with consistency in end-of-line packaging, you might be surprised how much time and money is being wasted.

It is well worth having a discussion with one of our expert engineers and running a few quick calculations.

For example, what does each pallet load cost you going out the door right now, and what savings could you make if you could eliminate variability and optimise the speed, efficiency and integrity of each load?

Take advantage of our experienced team’s three decades of experience and find out how you can enhance consistency in your operations to save more money and time.

Speak with a member of our team today on 01 685 2096 to find out how Vorteck can help with a customised end-of-line packaging solution for your business.

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