Vorteck Packaging Machinery update

Vorteck Packaging Machinery is delighted to announce that it has successfully installed its 4th fully automatic box erector in another leading Bakery in Ireland.

The Box Erector (or case erector) is just one of a very large range of packaging machines specifically designed for the Irish packaging market.

The Vorteck brand was created as a mark of quality to supply a range of packaging machines including automatic and semi-automatic stretch pallet wrappers. We sell many taping machines and box erectors and we service all our packaging equipment ourselves.

Whether you are thinking about your first pallet wrapping machine or, if you are a multinational with many packaging machines, we supply and service nationwide.

We also supply a very specialised range of pallet stretch wrap (hand wrap or machine wrap) throughout the island of Ireland. The pallet stretch wrap we supply is from major European suppliers. Stephen Miller Limited has been supplying film and machines since 1995.

The philosophy of our Vorteck range of machinery is that we decide the parameters we want our wrapping machines to accomplish, have them built and delivered in bulk. This ensures we stock, service and support machines we know inside out and that are not going to become obsolete.

Packaging equipment is well known to be manufactured with unique electronic boards so the seller can profit from selling unique parts at high prices. Vorteck packaging machinery is designed to a completely opposite philosophy. We want our machines to have branded electronics like Schneider inverters etc. so that machines do not become obsolete.

Please visit our website www.vorteckpackagingmachinery.ie where you will find many informative blogs of interest. Please reach out to us through the contact page we will do our best to reply and give an honest response as quickly as possible.

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