YS-ZB-6I High Speed Shrink Wrapper

These particular machines are designed for the shrink packaging of regular bottles and cans in various array combinations with fast speed requirements. Most commonly used in the beverage and alcohol drink industries, they are also highly energy efficient, leading to noticeable utility bill savings in the long run.

As well as the machinery, we can also deliver on all packaging supplies and films.

Model No. YS-ZS-400(420)
Table type vacuum machine
Model YS-ZS-400(420)
Pump capacity 20m³/h
Working cycle 15-40sec/cycle
Dimensions 500mm x 530mm x 490 mm
Power lP AC220V 50/60Hz 1 .0KW (other voltage optional)
Weight 68(65)Kg
Wearing parts Heater strip
High-temperature adhesive tape
Seal packing ring


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