YS-SQ-550 Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Chamber machines (or Vacuum packing machines) are used to evacuate the air around perishable goods & food products such as cheese and meat whose extension of shelf life is desired. Vacuum sealers remove the air from the package whilst at the same time sealing it, delivering the ultimate in protection while extending the distribution life and maintaining product integrity.

These machines commonly use vacuum bags or barrier pouches which provide a barrier against the atmosphere and moisture. The bags are placed in the chamber, the desired amount of air is extracted from the vacuum bag and then sealed. All our machines are made from stainless steel and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations (including the option of gas flushing kits.)

Vacuum food sealers come in various forms, from simple 1-chamber machines to double chamber sealers.

Model No. YS-SQ-550
Double-chamber vacuum machine
Model YS-SQ-500
Pump capacity 40m³/h
Working cycle 20-40sec/cycle
Dimensions 1310mm x 800mm x 1100 mm
Power 3P AC380V 50/60Hz 2.0KW (other voltage optional)
Weight 200Kg
Wearing parts Heater strip
High-temperature adhesive tape
Seal packing ring


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