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YS-ZB-6084 L Sealer

YS-ZB-6084 L Sealer

L Sealers are one of the most versatile shrink wrapping machines available, and are usually used with either PVC or polyolefin shrink wrap. L Sealers, both semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, are usually used where the client requires their product to be displayed easily to the end user behind a high gloss film.

High speed automatic L sealers are often used to wrap board games and the like. These machines run best with high quality films such as cryovac shrink film, produced originally by WR Grace, a large American corporation. These heat shrink wrap machines are high speed and are capable of winding up excess films to ensure high speed clean running.

An L Sealer is an upgrade to a simple heat sealer machine, and can have either a separate shrink tunnel, or the chamber can be incorporated in the machine itself.

Model YS-ZB-6084
Power 3P AC380V 50/60Hz 7.0KW
Machine dimensions L1840×W970×H1220mm
packing speed 4-8pcs/min
Working plate height 920mm
Machine weight 180kg
Support weight 20kg
Sealing area 420×550 mm
  Maximum size object:L780×W540×H150 mm;W+ H?680 mm
  Min Package size:(A×B×C) 50×50×1mm
  Max Packing Dimensio:(A×B×C) 840×600×200mm
  maximum note:B+C must not more than 700mm
  lt can not use the max size A×B× make the package