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YS-ZB-5B-2 Automatic L Sealer

High speed automatic L sealers are often used to wrap board games and the like. These machines run best with high quality films such as cryovac shrink film, produced originally by WR Grace, a large American corporation. These heat shrink wrap machines are high speed and are capable of winding up excess films to ensure high speed clean running.

Model YS-ZB-5B-2
Power supply: 380V 50Hz 18KW
machine dimensions L2100mm the width and height according to your product size
Chamber size L1500mm the width and height according to your product size
Working plate height 850mm(it can be adjust)
Convey speed 0-18m/min(it can be adjusted)
Temperature control range: 0-400 celsius(it can be adusted)
Range of application 150-180 celsius
Machine materials cold plate; Q235-A steel
Film PE or PVC or POF
Use film thickness 0.04-0.08
Heating tube Stainless steel heating tube
Convey belt chain roller conveyor belt; Fiber mesh belt; Stainless steel mesh belt
mechanical property “Electronics step less speed regulation;automatic temperature control;Solid state relay control;Reliable;long life;low noise.”
Electric appliance 1 fan motor;50A switch(Black silk)“Schneider” Contactor with button;“Gongbao” Temperature controller;Small relay and thermocouple;“meihua”;“chengbang”motor Etc