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Vorteck ZX-RG-4000A Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper

Vorteck ZX-RG-4000A Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper

We’ve created The Vorteck ZX-RG-4000A to our own specification, drawing on our specialist end of line packaging expertise and our passion for high performance.

Specifically created to meet the demanding needs of dynamic production packaging environments, The Vorteck ZX-RG-4000A is designed to be the perfect implementation of our “More Force For Less Film” approach to pallet wrapping.

The next step up from pallet wrap dispensers and hand wrapping, we have been supplying semi-automatic stretch pallet wrappers for many years.

Unlike shrink wrapping, an important feature to note is that with stretch film you get much better yields. Whilst the normal stretch ratio is 200% to 250%, our wrappers can actually stretch the film up to 350%.

Our stretch wrappers can be rotary arm machines, stretch wrap turntables or even semi-automatic machines with no turntables for heavy loads. We also supply a full range of stretch wrap film to supply these machines specialising in matching the film to the stretch wrapper to give the most economic cost per pallet.

We ask our customers to bear in mind that it is not often the cheapest film that gives the best economy. It’s usually a more expensive stretch film combined with the best machine that gives the cheapest cost per pallet.

Model Vorteck ZX-RG-4000A
Power supply AC110/220V 1P 50/60HZ 1.25Kw
Speed of turnplate 0-12r/min
Dia. of turnplate 1500mm (optional 1650/2000mm etc.)
Mast height H2400mm (optional 2000/2700/2900/3000/3100mm)
Film LLDPE film and width≤500mm and out dia.≤280mm
Pallet capacity capacity and 2000kg and max wrapping height=mast height-400mm
Shipping dimension 2650×1650×800mm
G.W/N.W 850kg/750kg