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FJ-1A Taping Machine

FJ-1A Taping Machine

Taping Machines (or Tapers) are often the first packaging automation that many clients require, often handling goods from flow wrappers.

We supply a wide range of carton taping machines, from simple semi-automatic tapers to in-line systems coming directly from a Box or Case Erector, with expandable conveyors as outfeeds if needed. The tapers run adhesive tape with either solvent or hot melt adhesives, providing the optimal packaging solution.

Conscious of different packaging area environments, our taping machines also come in stainless steel if required.

Model FJ-1A
Power Supply 1P 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 600W
Machine Dimensions L1090mm×W890mm×H(table height+750mm)
Machine Weight 200kg
Table Height 550mm-750mm (adjustable)
Convey Speed 19M/min
Carton Dimensions L(150-∞)mm and W(120-480)mm and H(120-480)mm
Adhesive Tape Spec 48-72mm
Adhesive Tape Material kraft paper or BOPP
Electric Components  
Motor Taiwan “Luson”
Working Noise ≤75DB
Surroundings humidity≤98 and temperature0-40 celsius
Optional (1)inlet&outlet worktable and (2)truckles; (3)Q304/Q201