Is It Time To Upgrade Your Pallet Wrapper?

Unless your pallet wrapper is in constant need of maintenance and repairs, causes significant downtime and is holding your distribution goals back, you may think there is little point in upgrading your machinery.

You may be surprised to know however that a machinery upgrade can make total business sense even if your current equipment hasn’t reached its use by date.

There are a number of things you need to know before you make any hard and fast decisions about upgrading your pallet wrapper.

Upgrade your pallet wrapper to save money

When it comes to efficiency and cost savings, we rely heavily on pallet wrappers to stretch, and therefore use less film in the pallet wrapping process.

Older machines that are not utilising advanced stretch technology use excess film in the wrapping process, resulting in the pallet costing more to wrap than it should.

Newer machinery with advanced technology like the Vorteck automatic pallet wrapping machine with a power pre-stretch head will stretch typical films up to an incredible 350%. This translates into huge cost savings for companies purely by getting more wrap from their film.

Newer pallet wrapper technology can also help your business reduce its labour costs by automating tasks that were previously carried out by floor workers.

Automation also results in far less film usage than if the pallet were wrapped by hand, and completes the task much faster.

It also can result in greater load stability and integrity which is critical during the shipping process to ensure your goods arrive in their intended condition.

Upgrade your pallet wrapper for enhanced workplace safety

Now more than ever health and safety is central to workplace culture with companies investing heavily in safety systems, training and equipment to help safeguard workers.

While your old pallet wrapper might not be causing you any trouble and appears to be getting the job done, it is worth comparing it to today’s modern machinery with a range of advanced safety specs.

Modern pallet wrappers are designed with the utmost safety in mind and have inbuilt safety mechanisms that prevent tampering where accidents could have occurred in the past.

All motors, cables and instruments are enclosed within the machinery meaning there are less trip and fall hazards. Modern machines are also programmed to stop in response to a range of safety triggers, preventing the operator being injured by moving parts or pallet loads.

Let’s face it, any improvements that result in a reduced risk of workplace accidents and more supported employees are good for business and deserve serious consideration.

Should you buy a new or used pallet wrapper?

If you are thinking of upgrading your pallet wrapping machinery, but are constrained by budget and considering a second-hand machine, consider this:
• unless you purchase a recognised brand that can be supported, maintenance and repairs may be difficult
• a second-hand pallet wrapper will probably have wrapped so many pallet loads in its lifetime that it is unlikely to be up to the job you need it to do now
• older machines are run by circuit boards which are difficult to service and replace as the components are not made anymore

Today’s advanced technology runs pallet wrappers by inverters which are readily available off the shelf and can be programmed by engineers to meet your requirements.

Our Vorteck automatic and semi-automatic pallet rappers are run with Siemens or Schneider inverters and are easy to maintain with replacement parts being easily accessible.

The cost benefit of upgrading your pallet wrapper

In this competitive economic environment, practically every business is looking to cut costs and at first glance, a new pallet wrapper may seem like a hefty investment.

However, even in the first couple of years, a new pallet wrapper can save your business significantly on the cost of purchasing film, reduced labour costs, enhanced load containment, maintenance and repairs, while enhancing health and safety with a reduced risk of workplace accidents.

State-of-the-art Vorteck pallet wrappers are supported to last for 20 years, meaning that the savings your machinery will bring to your business will far exceed the cost of the initial upgrade.

Talk to Vorteck about upgrading your pallet wrapper

With more than 50 years’ experience in end-of-line packaging, we can provide you with expert advice about how your business can achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings with the latest pallet wrapper technology.

Our experienced engineers can discuss the benefits of upgrading your machinery and how to introduce automation that supports your unique business needs.

We can also provide advice, maintenance and servicing to give you the ultimate peace of mind that your upgraded machinery will continue to be supported into the future.

To discuss upgrading your pallet wrapper, call Vorteck today on 01 685 2096 and find out how your investment can translate into continued savings and efficiencies for your business.

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