Choosing a Pallet Wrapping Machine That Fits Your Business Needs

If you are in the market for a pallet wrapping machine, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the range of options and their various features.

With so many options available, how can you tell which one is really right for your business?

The problem is, if you choose the wrong pallet wrapper, it can end up costing you handsomely, from downtime and lost productivity to returned shipments and customer dissatisfaction.

Match your pallet wrapping machine to the needs of your business

Choosing a pallet wrapping machine is a little like buying a car. While you have a budget in mind, you will also have a variety of requirements that are influenced by your stage of life, the need for technology features, your degree of concern about safety, and the reliability of the model.

You may even end up spending a bit more than you had originally planned if you identify a model with superior fuel economy because it will save you money on diesel in the long run and reduce the number of times each week you stop at a filling station.

In the same way, you need to consider the unique needs of your business and identify the pallet wrapping machine that will enhance your productivity and efficiency, and provide robust protection for your pallet loads to ensure they reach their destination in the same pristine condition as when they left.

The importance of expert advice when buying a pallet wrapper

Every business is different, and so are the challenges it faces, so when it comes to buying a pallet wrapping machine, there is no “one size fits all”.

From your number of staff and warehouse floor area, to the type of product you are shipping and its final destination, every business faces a unique set of challenges that require a specific solution to help achieve its goals.

That’s why it is so important you speak with an expert when buying a pallet wrapping machine; without it, how can you truly be confident that the machine you are buying will deliver the results you need for your business?

At Vorteck, our expertise is based on more than 50 years of our own specialist packaging experience.

In fact, we designed the Vorteck semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine range to our own specification based on our end of line packaging expertise and our passion for giving our customers value for money.

When you deal with Vorteck, you can have confidence that we really understand packaging machines and the films and adhesives that run on them. We know how they work and the consumables that run on them. This is how the Vorteck philosophy will benefit your team and support productivity, and the demands your loads face during shipping.

In particular, we can provide you with advice about matching your film and adhesives to your pallet wrapping machine, your pallet load and quantity; while this may seem reasonably obvious, it is often overlooked and can cost a business dearly in spoiled and returned shipments.

How much do pallet wrappers cost?

This really depends on the type of machine you purchase – but the real question should be: how much will it cost your business if you don’t upgrade your machinery?

Years ago, some businesses could have considered pallet wrapping machinery to be cost prohibitive, but today, as innovation makes machine technology more and more accessible, the cost to your business in terms of lost productivity, less efficiency, low staff morale and returned shipments could far outweigh the cost of purchasing a semi-automatic or fully automatic pallet wrapper upfront.

Furthermore, when making an assessment about the value a pallet wrapping machine will add to your business, film is an important consideration.

The cheapest film will not typically provide the most cost savings; in fact, a combination of a higher quality and the correct thickness of film matched with the right machine will return the best value on each pallet.

For example, the Vorteck semi-automatic stretch wrapper can stretch specific film up to 320% – and incredible 150% more than the normal stretch ratio of film, yet with the same strength and integrity a pallet load needs for optimum stability.

Other things to think about when buying a pallet wrapper

Quality which includes simplicity and strength are among the most important considerations when buying a pallet wrapping machine; you need to be sure your pallet wrapping machinery is well equipped to match your level of production and won’t delay your shipments with downtime.

You should also make sure your machinery is CE marked and compliant with Irish workplace health and safety standards. If not, you may find your pallet wrapper doesn’t meet the quality standards we expect of machinery in Ireland, and may even pose a risk to your team’s safety.

Vorteck’s range of automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrappers lead the industry in quality, high performance and fully compliant machinery, and are backed not only with expert advice but service support right here in Ireland to keep your pallet wrapper running at optimum efficiency.

We can also provide options for financing to help you choose the right machine for your business needs, rather than settling for a cheaper machine that doesn’t perform to your expectations.

With a range of finance options including lease and lease purchase that are designed to suit your budget with a fixed repayment schedule, you can reap the benefits of a pallet wrapper without the full upfront cost.

To speak to an expert about a pallet wrapping machine that suits your business, give a member of the Vorteck team a call today on 01 685 2096.

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