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About us

Stephen Miller

(Managing Director)

..The name Stephen MillerΒ has been synonymous with the packaging industry now in Ireland for over 50 years, and the evolution of the Vorteck brand is the outcome of many years of experience in this industry.

Managing Director, Stephen Miller comes from a multi-generational family background in packaging. Whilst his great grandfather worked in sales and this set the tone for what was to come. The original packaging business was founded in the late 1930s by Stephen’s grandfather George. It was called G.B. Miller & Son Ltd, and was based in Dublin.

George’s son Geoffrey then took over this business from his father in the 1960s, and during his tenure, his business model was to act solely as an agent for other brands including Exxon Mobil, WR Grace, British Rayophane, Montedison, and Lexan, and to grow the company whilst demonstrating knowledge and trust. Geoffrey brought his son Stephen into the family business after he had finished College.

G.B Miller & Son Ltd was sold in the early eighties to Axzo Nobel a leading Norwegian multi-national.

Stephen MillerΒ Ltd was formed in 1995, and then Stephen Miller Packaging Ltd in 2005, so that the business could be split up into hardware/machinery and adhesives/consumables

β€œOver the last 25 years, we have been supplying packaging machinery and materials to industry in Ireland. Our clients range across the broad spectrum of companies, both in terms of size and business activity. And we pride ourselves on consistent quality of product and service to all our customers.”

In January 2024, Stephen decided to retire from the adhesives business to concentrate on the Vorteck Packaging Machine brand and the distribution of pallet wrapping stretch film products. The result of this decision led to the sale of the Beardow Adams adhesives business interests of Stephen Miller Packaging Ltd to a new distributor, NAA Ltd.

We’ve created The Vorteck ZX-RG-4000A to our own specification, drawing on our specialist end of line packaging expertise and our passion for high performance.