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We are the exclusive Irish partner for Valco Melton – the world leader in hot melt adhesive application equipment, a company that was founded on the premise of innovation, and firmly established by trust.

Introducing The Vorteck ZX-RG-4000A

Meet the centrepiece of our new range of end-of-line automation machinery.

We’ve created The Vorteck ZX-RG-4000A to our own specification, drawing on our specialist end of line packaging expertise and our passion for high performance.

Specifically created to meet the demanding needs of dynamic production packaging environments, The Vorteck ZX-RG-4000A is designed to be the perfect implementation of our “More Force For Less Film” approach to pallet wrapping.

Innovative Specification
Robust & Reliable High Performance
“More Force For Less Film” Compliant

Less Waste & More Savings

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More Force For Less Film

Save on your consumables by implementing a
“More Force For Less Film” approach into your
pallet wrapping automation.

How many pallets do you wrap per day?

Find out how much you could be saving by comparing the running costs of your current system to ours

• Less Waste & More Savings
• Avoid Rejected Shipments
• Environmentally Friendly

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Our field engineers are the best in the business. With unparalleled experience there is no situation that we haven’t tackled.
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